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  • Return to School: Hybrid Learning Model presentation recording

    This is a recording of the live presentation held on Monday, 10/19 @ 2PM. This presentation walks you through the important points in returning to school: Hybrid Learning Model. Our school nurse joined to present and answer additional questions.

    Please note, there was a snip that was edited in to correctly answer the question about cleaning. The correction was that the sprayer will be used at the end of the day in the classrooms and not in between the cohort.

    Uploaded Oct 20, 2020
  • Lakeview Back to School - Stay behind the Line & Wave

    This is a cute 1 minute video PTA created to share that there are new rules. One of those rules is to stay behind the line and let the kids continue to class.

    Uploaded Oct 17, 2020
  • Coffee w/the Principal 10-6-20

    Welcome to the first "Coffee with the Principal." This meeting covers some of the safety precautions needed in order to safely return to school, as well as address some common questions regarding the Hybrid model.
    This meeting references safe measures discussed in the 2020-21 Return to School Plan: Hybrid Model.

    Uploaded Oct 06, 2020

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