Strategic Kis at Lakeview Elementary

Strategic Kis at Lakeview Elementary
LEGO® Storytelling: STAR WARS Edition! teaches character development, symbols, settings, parts of a story and more. Students will solve problems where characters are in a tough situation. They will use LEGO® to present a creative solution to the class. Other skills that will be developed in this class include, writing, public speaking, creativity, team work, and presentation! Don't miss this fun adventure! 
Our Strategic kids coaches bring the game of chess to life through our story based curriculum! Everyone is welcome, from beginners to seasoned players! During each session, students receive a new lesson and make friends, concluding with a tournament with the chance to win trophies and prizes! Visit our website to learn more about this program's curriculum! 
Magicians make their acts look effortless and mesmerizing with technique and showmanship. Your students can do the same! During each Magic session, they'll learn and craft new tricks, practice and perfect their routines, and perform in front of the class. Your students will be able to showcase their creativity and presentation skills while honing their confidence in an exciting and fun way!