Elementary Program: Elementary students who are identified as gifted may be served either in their home schools or through magnet programs.  In either case, students receive qualitatively differentiated instruction.  This may be provided through the enrichment strands of the language arts and mathematics programs, special projects, variations on class assignments or accelerated instruction.  Typically, GATE students who remain in their home schools are grouped in clusters to meet their instructional needs.  Students who opt to attend the magnet programs are assigned to classrooms where all students qualify for the GATE program.  Golden Elementary School houses the magnet program for Lakeview. Further information can be viewed at    


Lakeview Gifted and Talented Program

Lakeview Elementary School provides a program committed to the enrichment of our Gifted and Talented students. The Lakeview GATE program, a site-based cluster program, delivers a specialized instructional program designed to address the learning styles of students who have been identified as Gifted and Talented.

The goal of the GATE program at Lakeview is to enhance learning and support the unique social and emotional development needs of GATE identified students. GATE students are clustered together in grades four and five which allows for intellectual and social interaction with peers of similar interests and capabilities.

In the classroom, special practices, procedures, and theories are used to scaffold instruction to meet the various learning styles and needs of GATE identified students. Students participate in differentiated learning activities that amplify and exceed grade level standards. Students have many opportunities to collaborate, think critically, and be creative during student centered lessons. Document-based questions with evidence-based writing, socratic seminars, collaborative technological-based projects (i.e. creating an online newspaper) are just a few examples of learning extensions used to engage GATE identified students within the different classroom settings.

The positive environment at Lakeview fosters an exceptional learning environment that encourages all students to strive for personal growth. Elementary school is pivotal in developing well-rounded students that are actively engaged in learning. Scaffolded instruction that is differentiated throughout the day is designed to match the individual needs of all students. At Lakeview, the GATE cluster-based program takes teaching and learning above and beyond to develop 21st Century learners.


Lakeview is proud to provide our GATE identified students with a specialized club experience through Lion Pride.  Lion Pride is Lakeview’s enrichment program for GATE students that takes place on campus during the academic day.  Mrs. Bilhartz, who is also the GATE Coordinator, runs the Lion Pride GATE enrichment program.  Each week GATE students meet with Mrs. Bilhartz to plan dynamic learning experiences that hone in on the interests of this particular group of gifted students. 


Activities for this year include:

*Classroom presentations done by our GATE students on The 7 Habits of Happy Kids

*Growth Mindset presentations & activities

*Running hands-on experiment stations at our annual Science Fair and Family Night

* Participating in the district’s GATE logo contest

*Facilitating an upper grade book club as the leaders

*Physics lab with Mr. Bilhartz (VHS)

*GATE buddies within the district

*Owl pellet & eyeball dissections

*Forensic Science Crime Scene Investigations

*Coding activities with Spheros

*School wide college presentations

*Electrical engineering gingerbread village

*GATE field trip.  


These sessions are designed to offer Lakeview’s GATE students opportunities to extend their learning experiences beyond the classroom in a collaborative setting while allowing them to become academic leaders on campus.


Parent Resources: informative articles about GATE students