PTA Board Positions for 2022-2023 Needed

Our fabulous Lakeview PTA is preparing to fill some very important roles for next year's PTA Executive Board. If you are interested in joining our team and filling a position, please let one of our current board members or the head of our nominating committee, Christina Lukehart ([email protected]), know. Here are the current open positions and a description of their responsibilities.


  • Responsible for leading PTA toward specific goals chosen by its members.
  • Creates agendas for and is presiding officer at Board and Association Meetings.


  • Conducts an annual Membership Campaign.


  • Works closely with the treasurer and other financial officers in handling PTA funds.
  • Keeps a record of all PTA funds collected, deposited and disbursed.
  • Prepares monthly and annual financial reports.


  • Responsible for collecting the number of PTA volunteer hours of service and preserving a record of PTA activities and achievements for the year.
I'm Interested in Joining the PTA