All about me!

These last few weeks have brought some unexpected realities that life is fragile and often times uncertain, however I know that as we work together to grow our young children into lifelong learners they will come through this, as will we, with flying colors. I am going to add some links to my profile to help you through. I will be emailing the same links, but just in case they disappear this will give another resource to tap into. Mrs. Thompson
The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens Live Videos
Mo William's Lunch and Draw
Don't forget to log into our classroom Zoom  Story Time on Friday
If you lost the link please email at and I will resend it to you.
Here are some fun math collection ideas to do with your children:
This is from Scholastic. You can go onto the link and scroll down and access many grade levels even for your older children. The Pre K- K section is perfect for what I was planning on teaching for the next few weeks! It is all about growing things, both plants and animals. There are stories that are read outloud for your children and other activities to do. I hope this helps in planning your day!
Here is the link:
Here is the link to Dr. Jean singing our song!
Enjoy, Mrs. Thompson
Hi, my name is Mrs. Bonnie Thompson. This is my 24th year of teaching elementary school. Most of my years in teaching have been in PYLUSD, and for the last 14 years I have been at Lakeview Elementary.  My first love is Kindergarten where I have taught most of my career.