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Kindergarten Supply List

Welcome to Kindergarten!  The supplies listed below are recommended for your child for the upcoming school year. If you are donating supplies listed below, please do not write your child’s name on the items.  They will be put into a community area to share.  Please bring them to school during the first week.  Thank you!


4 Sharpie Pens (for art projects)

2 of each - Fine Point and Ultra Fine.

1 pan/set washable watercolor paint set - 8 asst. colors

2 Containers of Disinfectant Wipes i.e. Clorox

2 Packages of Baby Wipes – fragrance free

2 Boxes of 16-count Crayons i.e. Crayola

3 Boxes of 24-count Crayons i.e. Crayola

16 Glue Sticks i.e. Elmers’

2 Bottles of White Glue i.e. Elmers’

1 4-pack of Dry Erase Markers (red, blue, green, and black) i.e. Expo

1 box of Facial Tissues i.e. Kleenex

1 ream of White Cardstock.

It will also be beneficial for your child to have a full-sized backpack and soft lunch pail/bag.  Please write your child’s name on these two items only.


Thank you!

The Kindergarten Team