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Library Policy


The Lakeview Elementary School Library supports the curriculum of your student’s class and provides pleasure reading materials.  It houses materials for many reading/interest levels.  Please be aware of what your child is reading.  Read with him or her… all kinds of communication avenues may open up to you.


Each Lakeview student will attend a library orientation.  During the orientation, the rules of the library will be discussed and any questions will be answered.


A book may be checked out for one week.  Students visit the library once a week with their class and books are due back on their next visit.


Students MAY NOT remove reference materials from the library.  Because of the cost and/or availability, these materials must be used during library hours in the library.


Students are expected to adhere to classroom standards of behavior – listen, follow directions, and read quietly.


Extra care should be taken so that no book is lost or damaged.  Lost or damaged materials will need to be replaced by the student.  Books must be replaced with exact item lost or damaged.


If you have any questions, please contact the library at 986-7190, extension 53015.


Agreement to this policy by BOTH student and parent/guardian

is required for library privileges.



Please detach and return signed form to your teacher



I acknowledge that I have read the information in the library policy and discussed it with my child.


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